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The Rogue Prince of Persia Early Access

Here we are at the Rogue Prince of Persia’s gate! The game unlocks in a few so ready your PCs, maybe even a snack, and prepare for hours of nostalgic fun.

The game was initially scheduled for May 14 but was pushed back due to other great games releasing that week (a.k.a. Hades 2). The devs felt that releasing the same week may not be a great move as the game may not get the attention it deserves. Instead of being mad about it, gamers actually appreciated the honesty and even got more excited for its release.

The devs continued that the extra time fell into place as the day 1 patch was getting “hefty” so doing more tests and even adding more stuff was possible because of the delay.

Although the price isn’t listed yet, it is confirmed that the game will have a 19.99$/€ pricetag. On top of that, we could expect a launch discount as it’s been hinted by the team on more than 1 occasion. Question is, do we get a 10% or 15% Steam launch discount?

Will The Rogue Prince of Persia have a console release?

The devs confirmed that The Rogue Prince of Persia console release is planned for v1.0. The closest thing you can do for now is to get a Steam Deck.

As for the physical copy of the game, it is technically not planned but the team has communicated that they hope they can make it for the v1.0 release as well. Same goes for more localization for the game.

What’s missing now is the full release launch date. Hopefully, when we get past the Early Access release, we can get a roadmap with date estimates too leading to The Rogue Prince of Persia v1.0 launch.

Where to play The Rogue Prince of Persia for free?

The release delay may be a disappointment in the beginning but it’s definitely made up many folds by now. The dev blogs have been great showing what is to be expected upon launch, and now with less than 24 hours before the game unlocks, they are also giving away 3 free Steam keys through the game’s official Twitter account!

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