Get enchanted with Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition!

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Get enchanted with Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition! The award winning Divinity Original Sin from Larian Studios now has an enhanced edition coming out for Playstation 4 and Xbox One this October 27th.

What would start out as a case of a simple murder will lead you to a branching out of great adventures that will lead to epic stories. Play as a Source Hunter and try out the limitless options to customize your character in appearance and in skills. The character classes will be architypes which you can customize to your liking as you level up.

Try out all four Difficulty Modes


If you want to play the game and you’re only into the story and not so much on the combat, the Explorer Mode is for you. Conventional are you? Yours will be the Classic Mode. If you are guttsy enough and can deal with cunning and relentless enemies, the Tactician Mode is just what you wanted. And if you really want to push yourself to the limits, may I offer you the Honour Mode, a Tactician Mode with an evil twist. This mode will only give you a single save game, and once each character in your party dies, the save game will be erased. Different levels that could cater to the-easy- walks-in-the-park and to the totally-suicidal.

Explore Rivellon’s vibrant world alone or with 2-4 adventurers in a co-operative experience


Split screens will be seamless and will let you combat, explore and talk with a friend. Quests will be finished efficiently by distributing tasks and doing some good old fashioned team work. You can keep tract of each other and not hinder each others movements or achievements. As with any team, some disagreements will occur that you can solve with a quick paper, rock, scissors method. Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition’s cooperative experience is as dynamic as the player’s personalities.

Get creative with new ways to fight


A dynamic turn-based combat system and added to it is a reactive environment. You can now use your environment against your enemies. Foes standing in water is no match to a lightning bolt which is directed on the water. There will be endless combinations to kill your enemies and you will only be limited by your imagination.

The game has an intuitive control system which is designed especially for game pads, making it easy to choose targets, scroll through your skills list and access your advance skills bar.