Gamers Unite Against War In Ukraine

3 March 2022 at 19:27 in Gaming News with no comments

Gamers, and people, across the globe are united in their support for Ukraine and everyone affected by war.

By    Daniel

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Recent world events have seen gaming communities and companies unite in solidarity as they say #FuckTheWar in Ukraine.


Gamers have been staging protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in their favorite games.

In Final Fantasy XIV Online, a large group of players wearing yellow and blue stood together in Limsa Lominsa to support those in Ukraine.


In The Elder Scrolls Online, players got together in the contested territory of Cyrodiil to march side-by-side in peaceful protest.

Hundreds of players from opposite and warring factions put down their weapons and marched across the region as they said no to “PvP in real life.”


Companies such as GOG, CD Projekt RED, Bungie, and Ubisoft have also announced their support for Ukraine and condemnation of the Russian invasion.

Many companies have teams based in Ukraine, and others want to help those affected by offering financial support, visa information, and travel support.

  Russia war in Ukraine  

Those wishing to help can do so by providing donations, bedding, clothing, food, and essential items to local charities and foundations.

The Red Cross is currently aiding in Ukraine and you can donate on their website here.

Money you send will help support people in Ukraine with finding water, food, medicine, warm clothes, and shelter.

All of us at Allkeyshop are appalled by the ongoing conflict and send our prayers, thoughts, and support to those in Ukraine and everyone affected.


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