Free Epic Game Key For Bramble The Mountain King On Prime Now

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Bramble The Mountain King is now up for grabs on Prime Gaming. Get your free Epic game key now with Allkeyshop News!

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Key Facts

  • Bramble The Mountain King is added to the free games on Prime Gaming this month
  • The free Epic game key can be claimed until until July 24, 2024

It may be the last confirmed Thursday for the free games drop on Prime Gaming but it is not without a surprise! Turns out, Spirits of Mystery: Whisper of the Past isn’t the only one added to the lineup as previously announced.

Bramble The Mountain King joins Whisper of the Past as titles up for grabs with Prime starting today. But unlike the other, this one is a free key from Epic Games Store.

The game is an action-adventure released in 2023 where you play as a young boy named Olle who ventures through a dark, Nordic-inspired world to rescue his sister Lillemor from a dreaded troll. The game combines exploration with horror and platforming elements. Olle must solve puzzles, navigate treacherous environments, and fight off nightmarish creatures to progress.

Bramble The Mountain King wasn’t initially included in the announcement list but has now been added to the free games lineup. For the full list of free games for Prime Gaming May 2024, check out this article.

How to get Bramble The Mountain King game key for free?

You can now get Bramble The Mountain King game key for free with an active Amazon Prime subscription. Since the free key is an Epic Games Store one, your Epic account nas to be linked to your Prime account to successfully redeem the game.

Make sure you’re linking the correct Epic account as this can only be claimed once. You cannot transfer the free game key even if you mistakenly linked the wrong account.

To redeem, just click “Get Game” in the game’s Prime Gaming page, launch the Epic Game Launcher, and then you’ll see the game ready to download.

Important to note however, that although this is a free Epic Game Key, it does not mean it is free for everyone on the Epic site. You can only claim this via Prime Gaming until July 24, 2024.


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