Fireworks Simulator – Digital Fireworks for New Year’s Eve

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Despite Corona measures, firecrackers can also be fired properly on New Year’s Eve – this can be implemented with Fireworks Simulator for the PC. In addition, accidents should be rather rare here and it also spares the nerves of pets.

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The sale of fireworks is prohibited during the Corona measures on New Year’s Eve 2020. Who was looking forward as to chase away the modest year 2020 with rockets and firecrackers with a mighty boom, must meanwhile come up with something else.

This is where the Fireworks Simulator (FWsim) for the PC comes to the rescue. So that you can really let off some fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the simulator can be used free of charge for a week starting on December 25, 2020 – so New Year’s Eve 2021 is included. All you need to do is register. Normally, the fireworks simulator is a paid program and is available from 25 euros for the PC, depending on the version.


Fireworks Simulator for Professionals and Amateurs

Fireworks Simulator, however, is much more than just an opportunistic cash grab to capitalize on the perceived plight of amateur pyrotechnicians. As a serious application, it is intended to allow users to simulate amateur fireworks as well as the fireworks of pyrotechnic professionals. The fireworks simulator has even been available since 2009, and so a small community has already formed around the title, many of whom publish their creations on YouTube.

The fireworks simulator offers realistic physics as well as sound support. Even the graphics themselves are not just pure accessories, but invite you to let off steam and try out numerous virtual pyrotechnics effects. For example, the surrounding landscape is also wrapped in the light of the fireworks, when chrysanthm, fire wheels and fountain effects shine in the dark night sky. By the way, the professional version of FWsim comes with 2,300 effects and costs only a measly 500 euros.

The fireworks simulator will also be available via Steam in the first quarter of 2021. If you search for “Fireworks” there, you will find similar programs that promise virtual fun with rocket fireworks.

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