FIFA 22 FUT: Preview Packs Available From Launch

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EA releases FIFA 22 on October 1, and in a huge blog post on, they outlined their plans for the game, including their decision to introduce Preview Packs from launch.

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FIFA 22 Preview Packs


Preview Packs were first introduced in FIFA 21, with feedback from players proving to be the deciding factor on EA putting them into FIFA 22.

  what are FIFA 22 Preview Packs?  

Preview Packs are a type of pack that allows you to see the contents inside before deciding whether to purchase.

The packs are available in Premium Gold and Premium Silver and come alongside non-preview versions of the same packs.

However, before you start thinking that EA is relaxing their aggressive monetization on FUT packs, you only get one Preview Pack every 24 hours unless you purchase one and another takes its place.

  • Premium Gold Pack (24-hour refresh timer)
  • Premium Silver Pack (24-hour refresh timer)

The Preview Packs can be bought with either FUT Coins or FIFA Points, just like with the regular packs.

EA’s move to introduce Preview Packs comes after an interview last year with Chris Bruzzo, Chief Marketing Officer at EA, who said that 78% of players don’t spend real money on FIFA, and nine out of ten FUT packs were earned and not bought.

  FIFA UT Preview Packs Cheap  

As someone who doesn’t spend real money on FIFA Ultimate Team, this could be a way to persuade me if I see a player that could benefit my team.

It’s also a positive change that EA has tried to introduce to tackle the negative opinion players have of their aggressive selling of loot boxes and relying on pay-to-win models to earn money through microtransactions.

Don’t get me wrong, FIFA is still very much pay-to-win, but at least I can know ahead of time what I’m going to be spending my money on.

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FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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