Farming Simulator 22 Out Now with Positive Reviews

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Farming Simulator 22 has successfully launched, and gamers are loving it. Find out what they have to say, and why it’s worth to buy.

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On Steam, Farming Simulator 22 currently has Very Positive reviews just a little over a day after its release.



According to SteamDB, the game has an all-time peak player count of 105,636 on November 22, 19:00 UTC. Battlefield 2042, which launched November 19th, peaked at 105,397 a few hours after its release.

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Farming Simulator 22 Reviews


The Good Stuff

Farming Simulator 22 took a long time to develop, and Giants Software’s hard work is evident in their latest release. The game comes with new features as well as upgrades that players really enjoyed.

The game has noticeably become “prettier,” according to PC Invasion. Giants Software built upon Farming Simulator 19’s features which include an all-new lighting engine and volumetric shadows, among other visual improvements. FS 22’s graphics looked “cleaner, crisper, and more detailed. Textures across the board are very well detailed; including more minute elements like scenery objects that you wouldn’t pay much attention to,” PC Invasion adds.

Over on Steam, one user says he especially liked how “everything” from Farming Simulator 19 is improved, from vehicle handling, all-new UI, optional seasons, new AI system, new production chains, and a lot more.

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Another player says the game is worth your money, saying its huge fleet, and 3 starting maps that you can expand with mods will make you play the games for “several hundreds of hours.”.

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The Bad

Of course, no game is perfect and not everyone will be a fan. The game has also received some negative reviews, with players saying it is simply a revamped version of Farming Simulator 19. One user on Steam said that FS 22 simply a game version that contains improvements from Farming Simulator 19’s free mods.

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Push Square’s review mentions the game lacks instructions at times. The website also mentioned that the game “takes an enormous amount of time to get started.” This is caused by the game’s seasonal gameplay, which requires players to wait for a season to change so they can harvest them. As mentioned above, you have the option to turn off seasons, so this is no biggie.


Have you played Farming Simulator 22? Tell us in the comments below that you think about the game.

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