Far Cry 7: Rumors Swirl About Cillian Murphy’s Villain Role

24 April 2024 at 10:57 in Gaming News with no comments

A known leaker has revealed information on whether Cillian Murphy will star in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 7. Find out what we know on Allkeyshop.

Is Cillian Murphy in Far Cry 7?

Cillian Murphy Far Cry 7 villain

Ubisoft leaker j0nathan has spoken up about a recent tweet on X when they appeared to suggest Cillian Murphy would be the villain in Far Cry 7.

It all started on April 21 when j0nathan posted a cryptic tweet showing Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy alongside images of dynamite, a crab, and the number 7. The tweet seemed to hint that Murphy would be the villain in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 7, following the likes of Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

But a few days ago, it all appears to be false information as j0nathan has tweeted in response to all the uproar by playing it down, saying “I NEVER said Cillian Murphy was going to be in the game. The image means something else.”

And that’s where we are. It may be disappointing that Oscar winner Cillian Murphy may not be in Ubisoft’s open-world FPS after all, but then again, we have yet to have confirmation from Ubisoft if Far Cry 7 is in development or planning stages. It all appears to be a rumor, and until we get news from Ubisoft, that’s all it will be.

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