Ubisoft’s brand-new FPS has stepped into the light and we felt you could use a hand to master the basic concepts of Far Cry 5.

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Walk the path

There are a few elements to grasp to get the most of Far Cry 5’s crazy adventure. First, you should concentrate on the main missions of the game. There are many and they will lead you to discover lots of areas and characters. Not to worry though, a lot of the game’s contents will come to you soon enough.
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  Speaking – well, typing really – of which, as soon as you meet a character with an icon just above its head, go ahead and talk to him or her. Do not swerve from your current objective though. You are quickly going to gather a whole set of quests to achieve and, before long, wherever you will go, you will have a task to complete. Adding the events that will come straight for you, you will have plenty of stuff to do. far cry 5 map When it comes to quests, Far Cry 5 has different types of them in store: – Main quest: represented by a diamond-shaped American flag, the main quests allow you to make the story progress in each region. – Side quest: a cult’s cross symbolizes them. Those are secondary objectives that are not necessarily furiously enthralling – Prepper stash: a green diamond with an exclamation mark hints at a character that can tell you about such a stash. A green diamond without an exclamation mark marks the prepper stash’s location itself. The prepper stashes prove to be quite interesting since they contain money and sometimes unique equipment. Some will require that you use a little bit of grey matter to surmount the way to their unlocking, but nothing untoward.  

The art of staying alive

Quite quickly, you will encounter Eden’s Gate’s nuts. There are a few reflexes to master in order to avoid entering the cemetery gates. You should gather equipment before launching assault on an outpost. Be sure to take a silenced weapon (could be a bow, could be a rifle with a muffer). If you are not too fond of the discrete way, you could still begin by taking out the most dangerous or bothering targets. Particularly, think about killing the snipers. These are the ones with a crosshair icon above their heads. far cry 5 snipers Before all, crouch down, use your binoculars and take a look at the outpost in order to determine how many enemies there are and their locations. Each enemy you spot using your binoculars will then be outlined in red and you will be able to see them even through walls. In this discretion phase, white semi-circles could appear in the centre of the screen. They indicate that an enemy as spotted something weird. This enemy is in the direction in which the small arrow at the top of the semi-circle is pointing. Is the semi-circle goes full white, you are spotted and everyone will start shooting at you. As you progress in the game, you will unlock allies (called experts). Learn to use them depending on the situation. Boomer is perfect to prepare assaulting an outpost because he helps spotting enemies. Once the battle is started, Grace Armstrong can be a precious back-up. Learn to take advantage of the specificities of your allies but keep in mind that those in the sky will not be able to give you a hand if you get knocked out. By the way Boomer (or any other animal) cannot reach you if you find yourself at a different level without stairs.  

I am the law

When you take enemies down quietly, use everything at your disposal. For instance, throw a pebble to divert one or several enemies’ attention. You can also chain killings with the “Takedown Mastery” talent: start with one and then just go in the direction of the next enemy before the first killing is over. If the second enemy is too far, just look at him and press the shoot button to throw an object to his head and so neutralize him. What is more, if a guard passes by near you when you are covered, you can take him down by bringing him with you behind the cover. Just remain crouched and wait for him to be close enough and press the displayed button. Once the shootout has started, keep on taking the white semi-circles into account since they tell you where are the enemies that see you (and so can potentially shoot you). far cry 5 fps If you get knocked out under enemy fire, the allies you chose can bring you back to life indefinitely – so long as they do not fall themselves. In order to face every situation in combat, you should always have a silenced weapon, a weapon that allows you to shoot with burst or automatic fire, and a rocket launcher to get rid of flying vehicles (always useful when you cannot call upon a friend to defend the skies). Bonus: gather the maps you will find in outposts so as to mark the points of interest easily. These objects are shown on screen with a GPS location marker. In order to get the locations of all of the outposts, simply talk to characters that have an exclamation mark printed on a black rectangle just above their heads. far cry 5 landscape If you want to read news about Far Cry 4, click here.   Source (french): https://www.warlegend.net/guide-far-cry-5-guide-du-debutant/