F1 2022 Official Features Trailer Hits Top Speed

7 June 2022 at 19:15 in Gaming News with no comments

F1 2022’s latest features trailer shows off the game’s adaptive AI, game modes, physics, and more.

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The current F1 season is in full flow, and of course, that means a new F1 video game from Codemasters.

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In line with the current F1 season’s rules, F1 2022 has implemented the new aero rules and track updates and introduced the sprint race format.

The long-awaited adaptive AI feature will also come in with F1 2022, which will ensure competitive racing even at low skill levels by adjusting AI difficulty on the fly.

F1 2022 also includes tweaks and updates to the physics engine to make this year’s racing game the most realistic in the franchise.

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New Broadcast options mean a more cinematic experience and the addition of automated Safety Car periods and pit stop errors.

The most exciting addition to the game is the new F1 Life mode, a new social hub where you can show off your expensive cars and gear to other players.

In F1 Life, you can customize your space, including furniture, accessories, and a supercar.

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Your chosen supercar isn’t just a decoration, as you can take it to Pirelli Hot Lap events.

F1 2022 does not have a story mode this year, but there are still many reasons to jump behind the wheel of Codemaster’s latest racer.

F1 2022 launches on July 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.




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