F1 2020 Gameplay Trailer Features Attention to Detail

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F1 2020 Gameplay Trailer  

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F1 2020 is just around the corner and Codemasters has released a trailer showing off the attention to detail that they have put into the game.

Get to watch the F1 2020 gameplay trailer below:



It is clear from the F1 2020 gameplay trailer that a lot of love has gone into the game, from the beautiful rendering of the cars, the loving detail of the pit stops, the addictive curves of the bends, and even the incredible models of the drivers themselves.

There are a lot of things to look forward to in F1 2020. The full roster of 22 tracks has been officially licensed for the game, with F1 2020 mirroring the F1 season itself.

With the induction in last year’s addition, F1 2020 will get F2 in career mode, with the 2019 season being playable. Fortunately, the 2020 season will be made available in a free update for the game later this year.

As a separate mode, Codemasters has included a My Team mode. In it, you will be able to create your own team and pick anything from your team name to your #2 driver.

There have been little tweaks to this year’s edition too, with driver pacing improved, driver retirement and promotion from F2, and of course split-screen mode returning.

For long-time fans of F1 there will be 16 classic cars added to the game with the full list below.

  • 2010 Red Bull RB6
  • 2010 Ferrari F10
  • 2010 McLaren MP4-25
  • 2009 Brawn BGP 001
  • 2008 McLaren MP4 –23
  • 2007 Ferrari F2007
  • 2006 Renault R26
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004
  • 2003 Williams FW25
  • 2000 Ferrari F1 2000
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1992 Williams FW14
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6
  • 1990 Ferrari 641
  • 1990 McLaren MP4/5B

Fans of Michael Schumacher can get the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition of the game and it comes with the cars that he drove during his career.

  • 1991: Jordan 191
  • 1994: Benetton B194
  • 1995: Benetton B195
  • 2000: Ferrari F1-2000

The F1 season may be delayed but F1 2020 is coming out soon and will be available on July 10, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.



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