Expedition Zero – Winter Survival Horror Game Out Now

28 March 2022 at 19:34 in Gaming News with no comments

Venture into the unknown in Expedition Zero and brave the harsh cold as you try to stay alive from a monster that’s out there to hunt you.

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tinyBuild has launched its new survival horror game Expedition Zero, and you can get it on PC via Steam, Epic Games, and GOG now.

Expedition Zero will have you playing as a Soviet engineer who’s the only survivor of an expedition gone wrong. It is set in rural Siberia and with scarce resources, you would have to do everything it takes to survive — both the harsh winter and the dreadful forest monster hiding out there.


The game’s location features a forest where abandoned research facilities are hiding. These were previously used by the Soviet military to conduct cruel and mysterious research and experiments. These abandoned facilities will come in handy as you use your engineering skills to gather resources and collect materials for making weapons. These materials can also be used for your own investigation as you try to uncover what was behind the anomaly, what the facilities are for, and what monsters are lurking outside.

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Survival is also part of the game, and there are limited resources out there. You can build cabins where you can recuperate and rest for the day. As you explore the outdoors, you will be protected by a mecha suit which you can upgrade using equipment that were left behind in the abandoned buildings. As each day passes, you’ll get to discover the monster’s weakness and then face it head-on in a duel when you are able to.

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