EVO 2019 Games are Free-to-Play on Steam this Weekend

3 August 2019 at 08:37 in Gaming News with no comments
EVO 2019  

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One of the biggest eSports events in the whole world is happening this weekend. Yes, I’m talking about the Evolution Championship Series 2019, or simply Evo 2019. Steam is helping hype up the event by allowing its users to play the games featured in the event for free this weekend.

Aside from a couple of titles not available on PC, all of the Evo 2019 games are up for a free trial plus discounted prices in case you decide to purchase the game. As always though, you’ll find a much better deal on all these games using our price comparison service, as you’ll see below:

To try out these games, just head on over to this page on Steam and select the game you want to play. The free trial ends on Monday, August 5th, at 6 PM BST or 7 PM CEST.

As for the games not available on Steam, you can check out our deals for them below:

EVO 2019 marks the debut of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the legendary event, so they’ve decided to make the game the headliner at this year’s event. In case you want to watch the matches live for all the games, we’ve posted the schedules below. Unfortunately, the SoulCalibur 6 matches ended earlier today, but you can still watch the replays.

Remember that all the times are in PDT, so you’ll want to add 8 hours for those in the UK and 9 hours for those in Central Europe.

Aside from the epic matches, expect several reveals for the top fighting game franchises this weekend. We’ll round them up for you once the event is over.

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