Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion Shares New Video

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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion  

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Paradox has released a new video detailing some of the new features that you can expect from the upcoming Europa Universalis IV: Emperor expansion.

The latest expansion, Europa Universalis IV: Emperor, focuses on the Holy Roman Empire, adding new features, and changing a few things to improve events and gameplay.

The expansion also allows players more customization options, a rework of the mercenary mechanic, and changes to the game’s map.



Paradox’s official store page lists the features coming in the Europa Universalis IV Emperor Edition as below:

  • A Powerful Pope -Appoint cardinals, publish Papal Bulls and gather tithes. The Vatican and Papal Controller now have new abilities to sway the souls of the Catholic faithful.
  • New Holy Roman Empire System -Deal with major imperial incidents that challenge royal power in pursuit of a centralized monarchy or decentralized confederation.
  • Revolutions Revamped – The spirit of Revolution is a contagion that must be either embraced or vigorously opposed. Use the guillotine and revolutionary guard to enforce the new way of thinking.
  • New Religious Mechanics -The Hussite faith has power in Bohemia, Defenders of the Faith have power based on the size of their religion, the Counter-Reformation offers new choices in dealing with Protestantism.
  • Hegemonies -If you accomplish great feats, you should expect great rewards. Seize the mantle of honor for accumulating great wealth and armies.
  • And more -Over 20 new unique mission trees for a variety of European nations, provoke rebellions to deal with a problem now, many new events and options.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor is due to launch on June 9, 2020, and will be exclusive for PC.

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