Epic Games Store: A Free Game A Day for Christmas

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1 day 1 free game ! For Christmas Epic Games who usually offer a couple of free games every week, have gone one better by offering one different free to keep game every day until the 31st of December.

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Updated December 30, 2020

(21 December 2020) A new leak suggests these games will be given away by Epic Games in the succeeding days:

17 December: Cities: Skyline

18 December : Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!

19 December: The Long Dark

20 December: Defense Grid

21 December: Alien: Isolation

22 December : Metro 2033

23 December: Tropico 5

24 December : Inside

25 December: Darkest Dungeon

26 December: My Time in Portia

27 December: Night in the Woods

28 December : Stranded Deep

29 December : Solitairica

30 December : Torchlight II

31 December: Jurassic World Evolution


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Starting December 17, Epic Games Store is giving everyone one free game every day for 15 days over Christmas.

To claim, users must log in and claim the game, with each game only being made free for 24 hours.

Once claimed, the game will be yours to keep forever, so even if you don’t play it, it’s worth claiming to have in your library.

Logging in right now, you can also claim a free $10 voucher to spend on any game you wish, with a price above 14,99$.

A reportedly leaked list of the games has already been floating around the internet.

At the end of this article we will update you daily on the real list offered on the Epic Game Store

The unconfirmed leaked list reads as follows:

17.12. – Dying Light

18.12. – Resident Evil 7

19.12. – The Witcher 3

20.12. – Mass Effect Andromeda

21.12. – Assassins Creed Origins

22.12. – Metal Gear Solid V



23.12. – The Evil Within 2

24.12. – Far Cry 5

25.12. – Fallout 4

26.12. – Borderlands 3

27.12. – Monster Hunter World

28.12. – Dragon Age Inquisition

29.12. – Horizon Zero Dawn

30.12. – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

31.12. – Hitman 2


Remember: this list is not confirmed.


A secondary rumor would indicate these on the following dates:

23.12. – Tropico 5

24.12. – Inside

25.12. – Jurassic World Evolution


There are some amazing games in this list and if some of these prove true, it will indeed be a very good Christmas full of gaming!


Update: the first games have been released and the leaked list looks now very improbable, let’s wait for the second leak if it’s true !

The confirmed list reads as follows:

17.12. – Cities: Skylines

18.12. – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

19.12 – The Long Dark

20.12 – Defense Grid: The Awakening

21.12 – Alien: Isolation

22.12 – Metro: 2033 Redux

23.12 – Tropico 5

24.12 – Inside

25.12 – Darkest Dungeon

26.12 – My Time at Portia

27.12 – Night in the Woods

28.12 – Stranded Deep

29.12 – Solitairica

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