Battlerite Royale Out on Steam Early Access Right Now

28 September 2018 at 10:46 in Gaming News with no comments
Battlerite Royale  

Battlerite Royale, the formerly planned new mode for Battlerite that turned into a standalone spin off somewhere down the road, is out now on Steam Early Access. Developer Stunlock Studios is celebrating the milestone with a launch trailer for the highly-anticipated MOBA and BR hybrid.

Although the scale is now much bigger, Battlerite Royale will look very familiar to Battlerite veterans. In fact, the fast-paced skill-based gameplay remains intact, it’s just that the arena is now 30 times the size of previous maps. You’ll probably get a better feel of the game by watching the launch trailer below:

If nothing else though, skydiving from the back of a wyvern and onto Talon Island is way cooler than paradropping from a plane. Since it is battle royale, players will have to scavenge for loot and defeat every other player in the match. However, the top-down perspective and skill-based combat definitely make it a totally different animal from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.

Battlerite Royale is out now on Steam Early Access.


Battlerite Royale Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Battlerite Royale, the battle royale spin-off for PvP brawler Battlerite, just got its first gameplay trailer ahead of its September Early Access release.

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