Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Space Sim Turns Into a First-Person Shooter

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Odyssey, the next paid expansion for Elite Dangerous, will launch May 19th, and for the first time will allow players to leave their spaceships and fight like in a first-person shooter.

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Yes, you read that right! For the first time ever, Elite Dangerous players will be able to land their spaceships on space stations and planets, explore on foot, and fight other players in first-person combat.


What is Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?



Frontier Developments describe Odyssey as Elite Dangerous’ largest expansion to date. This expansion allows commanders to set foot on planets, take on new missions, and also engage in “intense tactical combat.” It also adds thousands of new locations that players can visit.

It will launch May 19th for players on PC, and will be available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Frontier Store. Players on consoles would have to wait until Autumn this year.


Thargoid Troops, Motherships, TWO SRVs, Panther Clipper & Mamba Light – Elite Dangerous



Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players can customize their characters for ground operations with several specialized suits and equipment options, including the Remlok Maverick Scavenger suit for salvage missions, the Supratech Artemis Explorer suit for exobiological investigations, and the Manticore Dominator combat suit for commanders who want to venture into the thrilling battles in dangerous conflict zones.

Regardless of their chosen career path, players can meet with other commanders in social hubs across the galaxy. Here they plan their next missions, form alliances, and acquire or upgrade their equipment. This seamless integration of local exploration on foot, combined with the vastness of the galaxy of classic Elite gameplay, results in a more expansive experience for all commanders to experience.


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Image: Frontier Developments


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