Elder Scrolls Online Update Version 2.7.5. Detailed

By Veena1 on February 8, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

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The new Elder Scrolls Online Update is called ‘Homestead’. It includes the player housing system, fixes, and improvements to balance the game and so much more.

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The ‘Homestead’ update introduces its players to the game’s housing system. It will have 39 unique homes that you can decorate yourself. There will be 2,000 decorative options to choose from like furniture options.

Included in ‘Homestead’ are the Homestead Basics, Acquiring a Home, Home Previewing, The Housing Editor, Home Decoration, Specialty Furnishings, Furnishing Sourcing, Furnishing Crafting, Housing Permissions, Housing Achievements, and List of Homes. There is so much more listed in the lengthy patch notes, and you can see all of that HERE.

Check out the beautiful Elder Scrolls Online housing in the video below:

One free home is available after finishing the first quest and the others will be available for purchase with gold or crowns.

This latest update is just 3.36 GB in size, so ready yourselves for this update.

Are you excited to decorate your homes in Elder Scrolls Online with this new update? Tell us in the comments below.


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