Elden Ring PvP Ranking System Coming Soon?

24 May 2022 at 19:22 in Gaming News with no comments

A leak from Elden Ring’s source code implies a PvP ranking system could be added in the game.

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Twitter user @StrayKurtis found some unused text pop-ups in Elden Ring which could suggest that a PvP ranking system might be coming to the game in the form of a DLC.

These text pop-ups look like some kind of a progression system from the different factions in the game.

His tweet reads: “#ELDENRING datamine fun fact: There are several unused text popups related to the various online interactions(invasions, coop, etc). Perhaps there are some sort of ranking systems in the works?”

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As a FromSoftware game, there’s a huge possibility of this rumor coming true, although we can just speculate at this time until we get official confirmation. FromSoftware’s Bloodborne has some kind of a PvP ranking feature in it where players who defeat invaders (other players) get rewards that are specific to their faction and then trade them to increase their rank.

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There’s also another huge possibility that these information in the source file are simply part of Elden’s Ring content that were scrapped, and the developers have no future plans with it.

With Elden Ring players clamoring for more content, and with the game breaking records week after week, the developers are probably working on something that would satisfy players, and we can only hope that they announce something soon.

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