EGON: Inferna Bellum – Potential Lost Ark Rival Coming to PC

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EGON: Inferna Bellum is from Korean developer ROUND PLANET, and will be published by Itoxi worldwide.

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A potential rival to Lost Ark is landing on Western ground as Korean developer ROUND PLANET and publisher Itoxi partner up to bring EGON: Inferna Bellum to PC.


What is EGON: Inferna Bellum?

  is egon inferno bellum available on pc?  

EGON: Inferna Bellum is an MMORPG from producer Kim Yeong-Seong who used to work for NCsoft. This is ROUND PLANET’s second MMORPG, and is previously known as “Project T.”

According to reports, EGON will focus heavily on combat, and will feature a multiplayer battle system.

The game’s title was derived from the words EGO and GO ON. In the game, players will be taking part in intense and destructive battles, where the goal is to win and retain “Ego.”

Its subtitle “Inferna Bellum,” on the other hand, means “hell” and “war” respectively.

In terms of its map, the game features multiple locations such as dungeons, fortresses, fields, desert villages, and more.


What is EGON’s gameplay?


EGON is played in iso-perspective, similar to Lost Ark’s. It will feature dungeons and boss raids as well as a pet system that helps you become stronger when in the battlefield.


It has Sieges, too, where 1,000 players battle it out battle-royale style. This goes on until only 1 player is left alive.


EGON Character Classes


Players can choose from six character classes: Knight, Cleric, Assassin, Warrior, Archer and Wizard. Each of them have unique skills and abilities to use in battle.

  egon warrior   egon knight   egon assassin   egon archer   egon wizard   egon cleric

When is EGON: Inferna Bellum Releasing?


EGON: Inferna Bellum is planned to be released sometime in 2022. It was originally planned to be released in 2021, but it was apparently affected by the pandemic.

Currently, sign ups are available for players with a Korean phone number.


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