Eastward: Charming Game Inspired By 90’s Anime, Earthbound, and Zelda

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Eastward brings you a beautifully detailed adventure inspired by games like Zelda and Earthbound, with 90’s anime visuals.

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What is Eastward?


Eastward is a singleplayer adventure game brought to you by Pixpil, an indie developer based in Shanghai, and Chucklefish, the publisher behind Stardew Valley.

The game features two characters —  John and his adopted daughter Sam — and players can switch between the two anytime in the game.

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The game has a post-apocalyptic theme, and John is a miner from an underground town who happens to find Sam while digging. John and Sam set out on a journey to find out what’s eating up entire towns. They set out towards the east aboard a train, hopping from one city to another.

Of course no adventure would be complete without its challenges. Along the way, the duo face different enemies, and they survive through John’s frying pan (or some other weapon of choice including a flamethrower) and Sam’s supernatural abilities. They will also face environmental puzzles which they need to solve.

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The game also has a cooking feature which grants health bonuses, power boosts, and secret boons to the duo.


Eastward – Reviews


As of this writing, Eastward has received Very Positive reviews on Steam from over 4,000 players.

Reviews cited its visuals as something that reminds players of the good old days of video games. Its humor, dialogue and character interactions have also been praised. It’s a slow-burning game, so the story’s pace is on the slower side.


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