E3 2016 Live Streams: Here’s Where and When You Can Watch!

12 June 2016 at 20:22 in Gaming News with no comments



E3 2016 Pre-Show Conferences Today!

The spotlight is on E3 2016. Video game publishers and developers from all over are gathered today in one event showcasing each of their own work.

Highlights to be expected today are details on upcoming games such as trailers, release dates, as well as a showcase of new products coming to the video games market.

The E3 2016 Press Conference will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 14-16, 2016. Below is the press conference schedules ahead of the June 14th exhibit as well as links to where you can watch the live streams.

E3 2016 Live Streams and Press Conference Schedules


*Also streaming on: Xbox One, Xbox.com


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