Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Leaked and Downloadable Now

13 May 2022 at 19:54 in Gaming News with no comments

Duke Nukem Forever’s 2001 iteration leaks and can be downloaded right now, but there’s a catch.

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A quick jump back to the 90’s: Duke Nukem Forever started its development in 1997, and was planned to be released in 1998. It didn’t meet its deadline, though, as players waited until 2011 for it to be launched.

The long wait was apparently not worth it as the game did not meet even the lowest of expectations.

Fast forward to this year, a leak in 4chan (shared by Duke4.net) shows what looks like Duke Nukem Forever in its 2001 E3 iteration. This apparently includes “almost every chapter… in some form,” according to the leaker called “x0r.”

  Why did Duke Nukem Forever take so long?  

The leaker added that although a huge chunk of it is playable and all of the content from E3 is included, there’s also another chunk where it’s block-outs without enemies. All weapons can be used, except for the freezer and chainsaw.

The leaker was supposed to leak it in June, but Kotaku reported that you can download it from the Internet Archive now.

  duke nukem forever 4chan leak  

The 2001 iteration includes the Unreal Editor that was used to create the game’s maps plus the source code for modders to tinker with.

Take note though, that this version is extremely buggy, as it’s still technically a work in progress. Some folks over in Reddit had a few workarounds if you want to play it.


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