Dread Hunger Ends Early Access Run This November

9 October 2021 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

Betrayal and survival await in co-op multiplayer game Dread Hunger as it officially launches on November 10th

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Will you betray in order to survive? In Dread Hunger, you will have to decide whether to become the bad guy or not as you face the challenge of surviving the Canadian Arctic.

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You will play as one of the eight Explorers in the Arctic who need to gather resources in order for their steam-powered ship reach its destination while facing the harsh climate. Among them are two traitors who plot all sorts of sinister schemes to jeopardize their mission. These traitors resort to black magic, destroying the ship, poisoning food, and even killing other crew members  — all while pretending to be one  with them in reaching their goal. Be wary of these two as they will also put the blame on you when a crew member gets killed!

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Each character has its own passive ability and starting set, and can be customized. You can choose to play as a captain, helmsman, engineer, cook, doctor, chaplain, royal marine, or huntress.

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As a survival game, you will have to make gruesome decisions to save yourself, especially when it comes to hunger. You might have to gut bodies and use it as food, or if you can’t take it you can use it as a weapon instead.

There’s also the massive snowstorm that’s halted the crew’s trip, so you will be faced with the challenge of planning your day and night carefully. You need to keep yourself warm, so you’d have to build a fire. Gather the resources you need, but you also need to be on high alert as wild animals are also out there waiting to devour you.

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Dread Hunger is currently available on PC. The developers are planning to release the game to other platforms after its full PC launch, but a date has not been decided yet.


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