Dinos vs Robots compared to AllKeyShop Deals: Which Offer is Better?

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Today, on March 26, the Steam Dinos vs Robots Festival begins. This festival focuses on games where you fight against robots or dinosaurs, as well as games where you play as one of them. Here you will find out everything about this discount event and how you might save even more.

Main Information

  • From February 26 to March 4, the Steam Dinos vs Robots Festival takes place.
  • You can expect discounts and demos on dinosaur and robot games.
  • At AllKeyShop, you can get some games even cheaper.

Dinos vs Robots

Today, on February 26, the Dinos vs Robots Festival starts on Steam. It runs until March 4 and entices with many discounts on dinosaur and robot games. And there are quite a few of them. With such games, one often thinks of inversions or the struggle for mere survival. But for such players, there is clearly more than just that. At the Dinos vs Robots Festival, you can also expect strategy, simulations, and even relaxing story games.


In the trailer for the Dinos vs Robots Festival, you can already see some of the games that will participate in this Steam event. The most famous of these games include the strategy simulation game Jurassic World Evolution, where you have to build your own dinosaur park. But also, the exciting and very popular game Detroit Become Human was shown in the trailer, which excites fans with its gripping story. Other games shown in this trailer include:

  • Phantom Brigade
  • The Talos Principle
  • Machinarium
  • Mechabellum
  • Beasts of Bermuda
  • Dino Trauma
  • Mech Armada
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
  • Primal Carnage: Extinction
  • Mecha Knights: Nightmare
  • Brigador: Up-Armored Edition
  • PixARK
  • Terminator: Resistance

At the Dinos vs Robots Festival, you will find these games at a discounted price on Steam. In addition, many of these games will have a free demo, allowing you to try out the game and then decide if you want to buy it.

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