Diablo IV – Characters More Realistic and Customizable

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Diablo IV is not due out any time soon, but thankfully Blizzard has now released a little more information on what we can expect with characters and customization.

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In the latest Diablo IV quarterly update, Blizzard explains that they wanted the characters in Diablo IV to be grounded in reality while not losing the pre-rendered cinematics that made Diablo III stand out.


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John Mueller, Art Director for the game, says that they have “made massive improvements to the level of detail, the surfacing of complex materials like skin, cloth simulation, hair, fur, metal, even down to the details of the highlights of the eyes and rivulets of perspiration.”

To do that, Blizzard completely overhauled their rendering engine and authoring tools so that it could produce cinematic quality in a real-time environment.

All this hard work pays off in the cinematic moments, too, as cutscenes will feature your character rendered in the game engine in real-time.




Along with the improved details come new and improved ways to customize your character.


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Arnaud Kotelnikoff, the Lead Character Artist, reveals that Diablo IV features more in-depth customization than is seen in any other Diablo game.

In Diablo IV, you can change your character’s face, hairstyle, jewelry, makeup, body paint, eye color, and skin color.




To improve the connection between you and your character, Diablo IV features an improved dye system.

Using dye, you can alter the color of your character’s helmet, gloves, chest, legs, and boots.





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