Diablo 4: Experience the Thrill of S04 at the Best Key Price

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Diablo 4: Experience the Thrill of S04 at the Best Key Price

The team behind Diablo IV, the fourth installment of Blizzard’s renowned RPG saga, continues to work on the game, striving to attract new players and satisfy the community. Even with the acquisition of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft, there have been no major changes for the series. During the March Campfire Chat, a now-typical event where the team discusses new features, the team talked about Season 4.

A season that came with a break period and an initial testing phase, and finally reached the main servers on 14th May 2024. A season that Blizzard itself titles “Loot Reborn,” with significant changes to the loot system.

Diablo IV Season 4 – What are the main changes

With a beta phase on the Public Test Realm from 2nd April to 9th, Diablo IV’s Season 4 was finally implemented on 14th May 2024, on all servers. There are numerous main changes with this new season titled Loot Reborn. Remember that to access Seasonal content, you will need to create a new Seasonal character and complete at least the prologue. Once the season ends, the character and its progress will transfer to the Eternal Realm. The main changes are:

  • A general optimization rework for Items: With Skills, Affixes, and stats simplified for easier comparison, resulting in less time organizing loot. Additionally, loot will be tied to the World Tier, with Unique items always dropping from Tier 3 and Uber Uniques from monsters of at least level 55, with maximum Item Power level.
  • A new Tempering system: A system that, through Tempering Manuals, allows blacksmiths to enhance your equipment by adding new Affixes. These manuals, which will drop as normal items, will allow you to upgrade one of the six categories of Affixes (Weapons, Offense, Defense, Mobility, Utility, and Resource). This drastically reduces looting time for equipment, with Ancestral items having two upgradable Affixes. However, each item will have a tempering limit, and Seasonal Realm Manuals will only last until the end of the season (Eternal ones will be permanent).
  • Weapon Refinement: Weapons can also be refined using materials found throughout the game at the Pit of Artificers. Enhancing the weapon, and every 4 levels, an Affix will also be randomly upgraded. With Blue, Yellow, and Orange coloring based on how many times that same Affix is upgraded. But when maxing out the weapon, you can re-roll from scratch to aim for the ideal boosted stats and Affixes.
  • Affix and Gems Improvements: Affix effects will be 1.5x better than before. Additionally, items with Greater Affixes will be notified with a sound, and starting from World Tier III and IV, each item will have a chance to have Greater Affixes. Gems have also received a major rework, with Crude ones removed from the game, Normals available at level 51, Flawless at 71, and Royals at 91. Furthermore, varieties (Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, etc.) will increase specific attributes.

Diablo IV – Pit of Artificer, new quests, and the Seasonal Pass

Certainly, there will be new complete additions related to game content. We will have a new playable area accessible through a Priority Quest starting at level 46, where we can farm necessary materials to enhance weapons and get more desirable loot. There will also be a main Season questline, Call of the Wolves, where we will meet the Iron Wolves, a valiant group of Mercenaries. Completing some favors and gaining Honor with the group will unlock various rewards, including valuable Tempering Manuals for Tempering. But we will also have a new boss in the Blood Maiden, with the forces of Hell attempting to expand throughout Sanctuary. And, of course, all of this will be accompanied by the Seasonal Pass.

Diablo IV Season 4 Seasonal Pass content

The Seasonal Pass is divided into the Base with 28 Ranks, Premium with 62, and Accelerated with a 20 Rank boost. The Premium and Accelerated passes will offer the new Awoken Demigod Armor Sets, which include a Mount, Armor, various Skins, and an Emote for the Accelerated Pass, along with additional bonuses and rewards for completing the pass ranks. The new Season 4 is certainly the best opportunity to start or resume playing Diablo IV. And with Allkeyshop, you can find the best prices available for Diablo IV, and remember, you can try and play Diablo IV on Xbox Game Pass available from 28th March 2024!


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