Destiny 2 Warlock Glitch Seen In The Dawning

By Veena1 on December 23, 2017 Gaming News with 1 Comment

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If you are playing in the seasonal event, The Dawning, then you may already know about the Destiny 2 Warlock glitch. The winter wonderland event of Destiny 2 called The Dawning has encountered a glitch in its Mayhem mode.

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The Mayhem mode gives players a very chaotic experience because it is faster than usual in regenerating abilities and Supers. This means that Power ammo spans are more often.

The glitch is that Warlocks that are using the Voidwalker subclass apparently has unlimited super abilities, this gives them unlimited void bombs (imagine what you can do with those!).

Bungie does know about the glitch, however, they did mention that a fix won’t be available until the end of the event the Dawning.

“As teams continue to investigate an issue impacting the cooldown for the Voidwalker Super ability within the Mayhem playlist, we have determined that the issue will not be addressed before the Dawning ends in 2018.”

Bungie also said that further announcement will be given once it is available.

If you are already playing and is very fond of this glitch, no worries because Bungie will not ban you nor will there be consequences for your actions.

The glitch though would be unfair to many players because this mode is a milestone for the game.

What are your thoughts about the warlock glitch in Destiny 2? Would you take advantage of it too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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