Destiny 2 Crimson Days Might Make A Comeback!

8 January 2018 at 10:29 in Gaming News with no comments

There is a possibility that Bungie will be bringing back the Destiny 2 Crimson Days. This has not been confirmed as of yet but a few clues may be pointing to that direction.

If you’re not familiar with Crimson Days, it is kind of like The Dawning event. It is a seasonal themed event that will have special modes or even special skins for your weapons.

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Crimson Days was actually first seen in the first Destiny game and had been available yearly. Last year though (2017) it was canceled because the studio needed all hands on deck for the creation of Destiny 2. So with Destiny 2 already out, there could be a huge possibility for Crimson Days to make a comeback.

According to GameRant, some data miners were able to stumble upon some evidence pertaining to the Crimson Days’ return this February. This is evidenced by a certain icon that is attached to the new ornaments that were data mined. The said icon was the same symbol used in the previous Crimson Days’ event.

For those who were not able to try the previous Crimson Days, it featured a PvP called Crimson Doubles. This will pit two players teams against each other. When your partner dies, you will have a boost in your abilities, giving you the chance to get revenge for your partner.

Crimson Days have not been confirmed as of yet, but the possibility is there. We will keep you posted if it pushes through.

Destiny 2 is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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