Civilization 6 Gathering Storm will Bring Game-Changing New Features

31 January 2019 at 13:27 in Gaming News with no comments
Civilization 6 Gathering Storm  

The much-anticipated second expansion for Civilization 6 called Gathering Storm will not only bring new civilizations and leaders, but also new features that will force players to adapt to a living and ever-changing world. A new trailer from Firaxis gives us a peek at all the new features and how they impact gameplay.

Diplomatic victories and the World Congress are returning in the new expansion due to popular demand. But, if I had to nitpick, it’s really the new natural disasters and world climate features that expand upon the traditional gameplay as they force you to take risks and plan ahead when settling and building. Check out the “New Features Explained” trailer below to get a better idea of how they work:


Having to consider volcanoes, floods and storms definitely add more depth to the strategy side of the game. Do you power through these disasters and reap the surplus of resources afterwards, or do you just do your best to avoid them completely? Handling fuel consumption and countering detrimental environmental effects also give players more to think about, all while having to juggle diplomatic relations with other nations.

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm is set to launch on February 14th for PC.


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