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Citie Skylines Iconic City-Builder Franchise

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Cities: Skylines – Building the Future, One City at a Time


  Welcome to the enthralling world of Cities: Skylines, a groundbreaking city-building simulator that has redefined the genre since its release in 2015.

  Developed by the innovative team at Colossal Order and published by the esteemed Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines invites players to step into the shoes of a mayor, tasked with the monumental responsibility of cultivating a city from the ground up.

  Available across a wide array of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Cities: Skylines is accessible to city builders around the globe.



  The Legacy of Cities: Skylines and the Rise of Its Sequel  

The Legacy of Cities: Skylines and the Rise of Its Sequel


Cities: Skylines (2015)


  Dive into a captivating city-building adventure from Colossal Order, where you hold the mayor’s reigns, sculpting your city’s destiny.

  Juggle infrastructure, public services, and budgets, all while catering to your city’s dynamic pulse.

  Boasting a sophisticated simulation engine and boundless customization, this game transforms urban planning into an art form, providing a unique canvas for endless creativity and gameplay.


Cities: Skylines 2 (2023)


  Elevate your city-building journey with Cities: Skylines 2, where enhanced graphics and a revamped traffic system redefine immersive gameplay.

  Navigate complex city simulations, unveil new districts, and enjoy full mod support, ensuring a seamless transition and richer gameplay experience.

  Dive into a world of improved performance, detailed visuals, and innovative urban planning with this significant upgrade from the 2015 original.


City Limits: Expansion Packs to Transform Your World


Cities: Skylines – After Dark (2015)


  Introduces a day-night cycle, adding a new layer of challenge and strategy.

  Nighttime brings out a different side of city life and requires additional services and features.


Cities: Skylines – Snowfall (2016)


  Focuses on the challenges of managing a city in winter weather conditions, introducing snow, new transportation options, and the need to keep the roads clear and citizens warm.


Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters (2016)


  Adds a range of natural disasters to the game, from earthquakes and floods to meteor strikes, challenging players to prepare for and respond to crisis situations.


Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit (2017)


  Enhances the city’s transportation options, introducing new transit service buildings, traffic management solutions, and scenario options for gameplay.


Cities: Skylines – Green Cities (2017)


  Allows players to build more eco-friendly cities, introducing new green technologies, specialized zones, and sustainable city planning options.


Cities: Skylines – Parklife (2018)


  Focuses on enhancing the recreational spaces in the city, adding new park types, new city services, and gameplay mechanics centered around creating vibrant public spaces.


Cities: Skylines – Industries (2018)


  Overhauls the industrial sector of the game, introducing new factories, supply chains, and production lines for a more in-depth industrial experience.


Cities: Skylines – Campus (2019)


  Puts higher education in the spotlight, allowing players to build and manage their own university campuses, introducing new area types and gameplay mechanics.


Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor (2020)


   Enhances various aspects of the game, including introducing new transportation options, improving the fishing industry, and adding more city services.


Community Crafted: Exceptional Asset Packs


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Art Deco (2016)


   Adds a selection of Art Deco-inspired buildings created by the community’s leading content creators.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings (2016)


  Introduces new modern commercial and office buildings to the game.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia (2017)


   Focuses on residential buildings, bringing European-inspired housing styles to the game.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: University City (2019)


   Adds a range of university and academic building types, allowing for the creation of a more detailed university area.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan (2020)


  Brings Japanese-inspired buildings to the game, allowing for the creation of neighborhoods with a distinct architectural style.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Train Stations (2021)


  Expands the game’s rail network options with new train station designs.


Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Bridges & Piers (2021)


   Introduces a variety of new bridge and pier options for players to enhance their city’s waterfront areas.


Cities: Skylines – Relaxation Station Radio (2022)


   Adds a new radio station to the game with a selection of calming tracks.


City Chronicles: Unique Additions and Expansions


Cities: Skylines – Airports (2022)


  Enhances the aviation options in the game, allowing players to build and manage their own airports.


Cities: Skylines – Vehicles of the World (2022)


  Adds a selection of vehicles from around the world, enhancing the diversity of the game’s transportation options.


Cities: Skylines – Bridges & Piers (2022)


  Focuses on enhancing the city’s waterfront areas, introducing new bridge and pier designs.


Cities: Skylines – Train Stations (2022)


  Adds new train station options to the game, expanding the rail network possibilities.

  Building Your Legacy: The Mayors Journey  

Building Your Legacy: The Mayor’s Journey


  As mayor, your role is comprehensive, requiring a keen eye for detail and strategic foresight.

  From constructing vital infrastructure such as roads, water, and sewage systems, to establishing power grids, every aspect of city planning lies in your capable hands.

  Beyond the physical structure of your city, you must also foster a thriving community, providing essential services including education, healthcare, and public safety to your growing population.

    The Masters Behind the City  

The Masters Behind the City: Colossal Order


  Founded in 2009 by former Remedy Entertainment visionaries Ville Vuorinen and Mariina Hallikainen, Finnish video game developer Colossal Order has been at the forefront of city-building games, creating renowned titles such as Cities XL and Afterlife.

  Despite their impressive portfolio, Cities: Skylines stands out as their magnum opus, garnering acclaim and a robust player base worldwide.

    Sales and Awards  

A Celebrated Legacy: Sales and Awards


  Cities: Skylines is not just a game; it’s a phenomenon, with over 12 million copies sold across the globe.

  Its excellence has been recognized with 20 awards, including the prestigious Game of the Year accolade from PC Gamer in 2015.

  This commercial and critical success is a testament to the game’s depth, complexity, and its capacity for endless creativity and replayability.

    A Community United  

A Community United: The Heart of Cities: Skylines


  Beyond the game itself, Cities: Skylines boasts a vibrant, passionate community.

  Players have embraced the game’s open-ended nature, creating an extensive array of mods and custom content, further enriching the gameplay experience.

  Critics and players alike have lauded the game for its intricate detail and limitless potential, making it a staple in the library of any city-building enthusiast.

    The Sounds of Your City  

The Sounds of Your City: A Musical Journey


  Complementing the immersive gameplay is the game’s tranquil soundtrack, crafted by the talented Finnish composer Joonas Mykkänen.

 A harmonious blend of electronic and ambient melodies, the soundtrack provides a soothing backdrop to the bustling activity of your city, praised for its atmospheric and calming qualities.

  The Cities Skylines Franchise  

Expanding Horizons: The Cities: Skylines Franchise


  Cities: Skylines has evolved significantly since its initial release, with a plethora of expansion packs and DLCs that introduce new challenges, features, and content.

  From the day and night cycles of “After Dark,” the winter wonderlands of “Snowfall,” and the dramatic scenarios of “Natural Disasters,” to the bustling activity of “Mass Transit” and the educational advancements of “Campus,” the game offers a diverse range of experiences for players.

  The most recent additions, including the “Airports DLC,” “Vehicles of the World,” and “Bridges & Piers,” continue to enrich the game’s world, ensuring that the journey of city building is ever-evolving and always exciting.


Building Dreams and Facing Challenges: The Cities: Skylines Experience

  The Games Triumphs  

Shining Skylines: Highlighting the Game’s Triumphs


  Immerse yourself in the depth and variety of Cities: Skylines, offering endless replayability and a supportive modding community that enriches your gameplay.

  Enjoy the calming soundtrack and stunning visuals, all at an affordable price point.

  The plethora of expansion packs and DLCs ensure your city-building adventures never grow stale.

    Areas of Caution  

The Bumps in the Road: Highlighting Areas of Caution


   Yet, be mindful of the learning curve for beginners and the potential challenges in managing traffic flow.

  Some DLCs may also be pricier, and the game’s performance could be demanding, particularly with numerous mods or on less powerful computers.


Conclusion: Your City Awaits


  Cities: Skylines is more than just a game; it’s a canvas, inviting players to paint their visions of a perfect city.

  With its robust gameplay, supportive community, and the continual addition of new content, the game offers an unparalleled city-building experience.

  Whether you’re a seasoned mayor or a newcomer to the genre, Cities: Skylines welcomes you to take part in the art of city creation, fostering a world that reflects your imagination and ambition.

  Your city awaits—what will you build?


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