Cities: Skylines 2 Summary – Everything You Need to Know

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Cities: Skylines 2, the epic city-builder sequel from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive, is now out on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This article has all the critical information you need to know to build your thriving city.


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Cities: Skylines 2 Summary – Everything You Need to Know


Create your very own bustling metropolis, starting from the bare ground, and sculpt it into the city of your wildest dreams. In Cities: Skylines II, you will take urban planning to a whole new level with limitless possibilities, intricate simulations, and a dynamic, living economy.

  cities skylines 2 gameplay  



Taking what they’ve learned from the first game, the devs have ensured you have every tool to do whatever you can dream of.

You can build the city you want, watch it grow into a thriving metropolis, and come to life in stunning, high-resolution graphics.




Your city is alive and ever-evolving, just like a living, breathing world. Change is the only constant, whether it’s the gradual shift of seasons or the sudden surprises life throws your way.

As day turns into night and back again, stay prepared to adapt when things take an unexpected turn.

Every choice you make leaves a lasting mark on the unique journey of each citizen, forging a chain of events that shapes their destiny.

Witness their stories unfold. From the complexities of love and heartbreak to the pursuit of wealth and the quest for happiness. Experience the rollercoaster of life’s highs and lows alongside them.




The Cities: Skylines 2 is continually growing with new builders and innovations. You can unlock the potential to create an extraordinary, game-changing city with mods.

Cities: Skylines 2 makes mods more accessible than ever before, so your creativity is never limited.




Pushing the boundaries of what the genre is capable of, you can build as high or far as you want.

Whether building to reach the stars or expanding across the massive map, you decide how your city grows and looks.




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