Catch the Wave of Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide

12 October 2015 at 05:50 in Gaming News with no comments


Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide, the first expansion pack to Civilization Beyond Earth, was officially launched on October 9th. This expansion pack has a lot going for it with its expanded aquatic gameplay and a whole lot more.

Clueless on what Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide is all about? We’ll break down what this expansion has to offer:

Aquatic Expeditions


Build floating cities that have the ability to move around the map. Submarines, as well as new naval units will now be available. Search for new resources and deploy expeditions in the ocean.

Diplomacy System


Improve on your civilization’s functions by trading traits. Transparency is more apparent in establishing deals and be aware of your standing in the game as wars will be tallied in a new scoring system.

Hybrid Affinities


Affinity points will be earned giving a synergistic effect. You can unlock hidden potentials as you further explore these affinities.

New Factions

Arshia Kishk from the Al Falah Faction

Arshia Kishk from the Al Falah Faction

Al Fala – Based around the Middle East and Northern Africa that has a unique culture and civilization. INTEGR – A faction that is le by Lena Ebner, they have units with diplomatic capital making diplomatic agreements much cheaper. North Sea Alliance – An alliance based around Great Britain and Scandinavia. A faction that can start their civilization in the water. Chungsu – An organization that arose from the rubble, a mysterious and elite faction determined to lead humanity towards a bright future. Based on Korea and has built a network of underwater annexes in the ocean.

In addition, the expansion will also include a whole lot of new units, aliens, buildings, wonders, biomes, and more.

With all these new features, discover endless possibilities for a new vision for humanity! Unearth your new potential with Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide. –VB