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Release date
31 December 2021
Official website
Nodding Heads Games
Action Adventure Platformer Story Rich Parkour Isometric

About this game

Raji An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure platformer that has its roots in Hindu and Balinese mythology. The story follows a Raji and Golu siblings caught in a war between demons and gods when her brother Golu gets kidnapped by demons on an attack on a town they were performing in. The god Durga upon seeing her plight Entrusted her with her most powerful weapon to save her brother.

  • Raji An Ancient Epic brings a new and unique style to the Action-adventure scene every corner of the game is a combination of hand-painted textures drawn in the Pahari art style and rendered in 3D.
  • The game’s combat is centered around the different weapons the gods give Raji and knowing what weapons to use in different situations.
  • Explore and Travel around ancient India, get immersed in the game’s lore that’s based on the two major Sanskrit epics:   Mahabharata and Ramayana.

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