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What is GRIME Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download GRIME directly to Xbox One from Xbox Live.

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Release date
31 December 2021
Official website
Clover Bite
Akupara Games
Action RPG

About this game

Grime is a unique combination of Metroidvania’s exploration and progression system with Souls-like’s combat and itemization, the game begins as you are formed into existence by an unknown entity, dropped into a surreal and unfamiliar world full of civilized rock people and living statues, you yourself are one but your head has been replaced by a pulsating black hole. Explore this vast world and discover your purpose in this world.

  • The game is fully in 2D but everything else is fully rendered in 3D, uncover the mysteries of this surreal and beautiful world, explore the weeping caves, statue covered deserts, and investigate the traces of civilizations old and new.
  • Parrying is an essential combat mechanic in the game, punish telegraphed enemy attacks whenever you can, smash them into pieces while airborne or in the ground with a plethora of different weapons, once they are close to dying absorb in your head to execute them.
  • Absorbing enemies aside from executing them also restores some of your health and gives you points to progress your skill tree, hunt down specific monsters to get the skills you want.
  • Every so often you will encounter giant boss monsters the hardest challenges you will get on that level, but once you do defeat them and absorb them you will be given access to game-changing traversal abilities which can be used in and out of combat, unlocking areas that might not have been possible access before.

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