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Release date
4 August 2021
Official website
Sviluppato Da Darkflow Software
Pubblicato Da Gaijin Distribution Kft
Action Adventure Simulation Shooter

About this game

Attention, soldier! The echoes of battle resound, and war-torn landscapes await your courage. Will you endure, survive, and emerge unbroken from the trials ahead? The path is fraught with challenges, but are you ready for the ultimate test of valor? Explore the game features below; they might just hold the key to your survival and triumph in this unforgiving journey through the rigors of war.

  • Experience epic battles reminiscent of historical events like the Normandy Invasion, where players can assume the roles of infantry squads, tank crew commanders, or aircraft pilots.
  • Despite the scale of the battles, individual player performance significantly influences the overall team victory, enhancing the sense of personal contribution.
  • Choose from over 10 distinctive squad classes, including assault, sniper, heavy gunner, mortar, flamethrower, anti-tank, engineer, radio specialists, tank crews, and aircraft pilots, each with unique roles and capabilities.
  • Access hundreds of historically accurate weapons, ground vehicles, and aircraft types, each based on real models used in specific World War II campaigns.
  • Customize and train squads based on individual playing styles, unlocking perks and upgrades that align with historical accuracy principles.

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I had hoped that the time spent in Game Preview would lead to Darkflow fixing the movement and aiming systems. I never had much hope for how the squad system would work with the free-to-play nature of the title, but if the gameplay were solid then I could still recommend giving it a shot. In the end, though this is a bad playing, poorly set up, mediocre-looking game that you should avoid unless you’re desperate to go murder a bunch of poorly scripted AI with some friends. Though only since it’ll be free to play.


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Enlisted Invasion of Normandy Starter Pack

This DLC provide additional soldiers, weapons, consumables, premium account benefits, and in-game currency to enhance your gameplay in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign.

  • US “Assaulter” Class Soldier for “Invasion of Normandy” Campaign + M3 Submachine Gun: Play as the “Assaulter” class soldier for the US army in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign.
  • Comes equipped with the iconic M3 Submachine Gun for close-quarters combat.
  • German “Assaulter” Class Soldier for “Invasion of Normandy” Campaign + MP 34(o): Assume the role of the “Assaulter” class soldier for the German army in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign. Armed with the MP 34(o) submachine gun, providing effective firepower.
  • 1 Medkit per Each Army: Receive a Medkit for both the US and German armies. Use the Medkit to heal yourself or teammates during intense battles.
  • 1 Explosion Pack per Each Army: Get an Explosion Pack for both the US and German armies.
  • Employ the Explosion Pack strategically to create explosions and gain a tactical advantage.
  • 3 Days of Premium Account: Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with three days of Premium Account status. Access additional benefits such as increased experience and resource gains.
  • 300 Gold: Receive 300 Gold, the in-game currency. Use Gold to unlock various customization options and enhance your Enlisted experience.

Enlisted Battle of Tunisia Starter Pack

This DLC features:

  • British “Assaulter” class soldier for the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign + Sten Mk II: Unleash the might of the British “Assaulter” equipped with the iconic Sten Mk II, perfect for dominating the battlegrounds of the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign.
  • German “Assaulter” class soldier for the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign + MP 28: Command the German “Assaulter” armed with the MP 28, a formidable weapon tailored for the intense warfare of the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign.
  • Medkit per each army: Ensure the survival of your troops with a Medkit for each army, providing essential healing resources on the frontline.
  • Explosion pack per each army: Enhance your tactical capabilities with an Explosion pack for each army, delivering explosive power to turn the tide of battle.
  • 3 days of Premium-account: Enjoy the perks of a Premium account for three days, unlocking exclusive benefits and accelerating your progress in Enlisted.
  • 300 Gold: Boost your in-game resources with 300 Gold, providing you with the flexibility to customize and enhance your Enlisted experience.

Enlisted Battle for Moscow Starter Pack

Included within this DLC are the following:

  • USSR “Assaulter” class soldier for “Battle of Moscow” campaign (4 stars) + PPD 34/38 (box) (3 stars): Lead the charge with a highly skilled USSR “Assaulter” adorned with a 4-star rank, wielding the formidable PPD 34/38 (box) at 3 stars, in the pivotal “Battle of Moscow” campaign.
  • German “Assaulter” class soldier for “Battle of Moscow” campaign (4 stars) + MP 28 (3 stars): Strategize your offensive with a top-tier German “Assaulter” featuring a 4-star rank and armed with the reliable MP 28 at 3 stars, perfect for dominating the “Battle of Moscow” campaign.
  • 1 Medkit per each army: Equip your armies with essential Medkits, ensuring the health and resilience of your troops during the intense battles of Enlisted.
  • 1 Explosion pack per each army: Enhance your tactical arsenal with an Explosion pack for each army, providing explosive firepower to break through enemy lines.
  • 3 days of Premium-account: Experience the advantages of a Premium account for three days, accelerating your progression and unlocking exclusive benefits in Enlisted.
  • 300 Gold: Fortify your in-game resources with 300 Gold, offering flexibility for customization and upgrades to enrich your Enlisted gameplay.

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