Buy Diablo 4 Platinum Cheap: Skip Battle Pass Tiers

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The Diablo 4 Platinum is used to buy in-game cosmetics and skip battle pass tiers, but it’s expensive. But you can buy it cheaper on Allkeyshop, letting you buy more and unlock more in Diablo 4.

  Diablo 4 Platinum for Sale: Affordable and Battle Pass Tier Skip    

Key Facts

  • Diablo 4 Platinum is an in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items and battle pass tiers.
  • Due to the lack of Platinum rewarded in the battle pass, it can be expensive to purchase items from the Diablo 4 store.
  • Allkeyshop helps by giving players the best deals on Diablo 4 Platinum.



Diablo 4 Platinum is an in-game currency used to purchase in-game cosmetic items, unlock the battle pass, and even skip battle pass tiers, letting you get ahead of the rest of the pack.


The problem is that Platinum is very expensive and the Season of the Malignant battle pass does not contain enough to let you even unlock a single item, even when completing all the challenges and unlocking all the tiers.

That’s where Allkeyshop comes in. Our store pages have the best deals anywhere on Diablo 4 Platinum so you can buy more to unlock more in-game Diablo 4 items.


What is Diablo 4 Platinum?


Platinum is the premium currency in Diablo 4. It is used to purchase cosmetic items, such as character skins, weapon transmogs, and horse armor. It is important to note that Blizzard promised no pay-to-win mechanics and Platinum will only unlock cosmetic items.


How do I get Diablo 4 Platinum?


Players receive a limited amount of Platinum from the Season 1 battle pass, but as mentioned, there is not enough in the battle pass to purchase a single item from the Diablo 4 in-game shop. The only other way to receive Platinum is to purchase it from or a third-party store.


How much is Platinum?


You can purchase Platinum from in various amounts, each of which will cost a considerable amount of money.

200 Platinum: £1.79/€1.99/$1.99

500 Platinum: £4.39/€4.99/$4.99

1000 Platinum: £8.39/€9.99/$9.99

2800 Platinum: £20.99/€24.99/$24.99

5700 Platinum: £41.99/€49.99/$49.99

11500 Platinum: £84.99/€99.99/$99.99


Where can I get Diablo 4 Platinum Cheap?


Allkeyshop! Our store pages have the best deals anywhere. So check out the deals below!


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