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Release date
4 September 2015
Official website

Aftermath is a post-zombie apocalypse survival game, developed by Free Reign Entertainment, and is the successor to the game Infestation: Survivor Stories. Although Infestation: Survivor Stories had such a bad reputation, Aftermath is supposed to be the phoenix that will rise from the ashes.

You will start out in the middle of a zombie infestation trying to survive by looting items where ever possible. Zombies abound so you should look for any weapon to use against them. Guns kill them in one shot; if you are using your bare knuckles or any melee weapons that you happen to have, it would take several blows to put out a zombie.

In this game you will be classified as either a bandit, or a neutral / lawman – you would have different safe zones for each. If you are bandit and would accidentally wander into a neutral / lawman’s safe zone, there is a big chance that you will be killed. A lawman will also have special sheriff badges where if he kills a bandit, he will have bonus reputation.

Player cosmetic customization is also available, you can change how your player will look like anytime you want, you don’t even have to delete your character to be able to do that.

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