Boundary – Tactical Sci-Fi Shooter Showcases Gameplay in New Trailer

2 October 2021 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

Tactical sci-fi shooter Boundary is set to launch later this year, and we get a look at its gameplay in its latest trailer.

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The trailer features the game’s environment as well as the different space suits and weapons players can use. The game is set in outer space, and as mentioned, players are equipped with space suits to take the battle out in the vastness of space. The trailer also showed other locations like inside of a space station with the player floating along its narrow corridors.

The trailer did not mention a release date, though. What we know is it will be available for players on PC and consoles sometime this year.

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Boundary – About This Game


Boundary is a tactical shooter multiplayer game where players engage in zero-gravity fights in outer space.

Players have access to weapons which can be upgraded or modified using stocks, grips, scopes, barrels, and ammo types that go with their own playstyle. Their EMU suit also allows them to navigate the harsh environment of space.

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The game also features a variety of multiplayer maps which were inspired by real life industrial technology and space exploration.

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There are also multiple combat classes available for every player including medics, support, and snipers. Players can also use devices to help them in space such as a grappling hook.


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