Blizzard Will Fix Diablo 4 in Patch 1.1.1

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Blizzard has confirmed Diablo 4 will get numerous fixes to address player issues regarding recent nerfs in patch 1.1.1.


Key Facts

  • Blizzard has confirmed they are looking to make Barbarians and Sorcerers more fun in the next Diablo 4 patch.
  • Patch 1.1.1 will improve the survivability of both classes and improve their late-game unique items.
  • Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1 releases on August 8.



Blizzard Entertainment recently released a massive Diablo 4 patch alongside the release of The Season of the Malignant, which left many players frustrated at the nerfs across all the classes. But, that will be fixed, according to Blizzard, in patch 1.1.1.

  Diablo 4 Class Builds  

During a recent Campfire Chat, Diablo 4 devs revealed Barbarians and Sorcerers, in particular, will get buffs to improve both classes’ survivability and make them more fun to play.


Sorcerers can expect more survivability late game, and Barbarians will see more Fury given to them to use on skills. Both classes are also getting improvements to late-game unique items, with tweaks that will offer improved stats during combat.


The Diablo 4 1.1.1 patch releases on August 8 and will also see a reduced gold cost when you respec and guaranteed Legendary drops from bosses from level 35.


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