Bioshock 4: Title and Setting Leaked

30 November 2021 at 19:35 in Gaming News with no comments

Bioshock 4 was previously confirmed by Take-Two Interactive, but a leak suggests the game will have a different title and a new setting.

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Over on Twitter, an account that goes by the handle “Oops Leaks” revealed some interesting tidbits about the next Bioshock game.

First off, the next Bioshock game will allegedly be called “Bioshock: Isolation.” Oops Leaks said it will take place in two different cities that lie directly on top of the other, mirrored horizontally.

  bioshock 4 leaked details  

The upper city houses the wealthy bunch who are under the rule of a successful entrepreneur. On the other hand, the lower city is being ruled by a dictator. As you can probably guess, both cities are not on friendly terms with the other, so it’s interesting to see what lies ahead for players if this is indeed true.

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The leak also mentioned that Bioshock: Isolation will use Unreal Engine 5, and veterans from Irrational Games are working on it. Also involved in the development are those who worked on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs: Legion, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Mafia 3.



Oops Leaks also said we can probably get an official announcement on the game by Q1 2022, so that will be sometime before March, or within that month at the latest.

Of course, it’s best to wait it out until we get official word from the developers and publisher themselves, so until then there’s nothing final about this story at this time.


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