Best Sports Games to Play During Paris 2024 Olympics

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Best Sports Games to Play During Paris 2024 Olympics

The sporting event of this summer is certainly something that many sports fans, and non-fans alike, are eagerly looking forward to. That is, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the sporting event where the best athletes from all over the globe compete in various disciplines for glory and fame. This event will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024. And in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games, we have compiled a list of sports-themed games that will prepare you for the event!

The Best Sports Games to Try While Waiting for the Olympic Games

In anticipation of the arrival of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we have compiled a list of 7 sports-themed games that coincide with the disciplines practiced during the event. Some are annual appointments, but there are also some great new releases this year.


The annual appointment of EA’s series is renewed with a new name, after deciding not to renew the FIFA license. But the EA team with FC 24 brings all the licenses and more. With the new sports season, the addition of the women’s division in Ultimate Team, Play Styles, and the multiplayer component always at the heart of the experience.

NBA 2K24

The video game version of professional basketball from 2K with this 2024 version features the legendary Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba. Here we can relive the athlete’s highlights, but also customize with MyCareer and MyPlayer. Unfortunately not without problems but a good game if taken at an affordable price.

NHL 24

We propose the Ice variant of EA’s Hockey, partly due to the lack of a worthy grass version, partly to counteract the incoming heat. Although enjoyable only on consoles, NHL 24 is a game that has been received quite well, especially for the single-player component, also bringing in leagues outside the NHL like the European ones and the Women’s League.

TopSpin 2K25

The return of a classic series dedicated to professional tennis from 2K, developed by the Hangar 13 team. A good game that definitely shows the advantages and new features of modern sports games after an absence of over 12 years. With a somewhat sparse single-player mode but fun with the online component.


An Early Access title that will officially launch on October 11, 2024. This boxing-themed game has received good feedback from the community thanks to a very interesting and dynamic system of the more studied mechanics of Boxing. With expert advice and community opinions for a valid Boxing game.


As the annual Golf game, this 2K game developed by HB Studio brings many new features, besides the now-established MyCAREER and a rather rich online component, we also have the addition of professional female players, as well as many customizations and licensed courses.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game

We propose the 2020 Tokyo Olympics game by SEGA as a solid game that features all the main disciplines. A good game although it doesn’t particularly shine and has some balancing issues. But definitely fun to propose among friends to spend an afternoon laughing and practicing various disciplines.

Olympics Go! Paris 2024 – The Official Game of the 2024 Olympics

It seems that the nWay team is behind the official game of the 2024 Olympics, namely Olympics Go! Paris 2024. A game that seems to offer a mix of sports disciplines and simulation mixed to a city builder element. Among the new features, it will introduce Breaking (Break Dance) as a sport discipline. The release date is set for June 2024 and the game will come to PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Olympics Go! Paris 2024 the game is coming in June 2024


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