Best-Selling RPG Hits 3 Million Sales – Compare Prices Here

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Best-Selling RPG Hits 3 Million Sales - Compare Prices Here

With a recent post on Twitter (X), the Capcom team thanks the players for the success of their latest action RPG, a game that has reached an incredible number of sales in just 2 months since its release. This announcement comes a few days after a similar post for the Monster Hunter franchise, which has reached a whopping 15 million sales. A significant success for this much-anticipated sequel.

Capcom’s Action RPG Reaches 3 Million Copies Sold

In an announcement on 28th May 2024, Capcom on the game’s official Twitter (X) profile announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has reached 3 million copies sold worldwide. Thanking all the players, the Arisen, for the support received. A support certainly not to be underestimated, especially considering a launch heavily criticized by the fans themselves for various issues with the sequel.

Capcom announces and thanks on Twitter for the 3 million copies of DD2

Alongside the performance and invasive Denuvo problems is the issue of not-so-stellar optimization. There are also decidedly more disappointing facts, such as the addition of a microtransaction shop in a game that, aside from the Pawn-sharing aspect, is effectively single-player. Microtransactions for items that can still be found in the game but were significantly limited before a specific update. An example is the Art of Metamorphosis item, which allows for character customization and was initially limited in quantity, and after complaints, available with 99 units in the game. Another major problem is the choice of a single save file, forcing players to have a single run and potentially lose the save if a backup isn’t made or Mods are used to manage multiple saves.

The Success of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the Players’ Hopes

Additionally, there are some personal criticisms such as a story not as compelling as the first but balanced by absolutely fun gameplay and certainly one of the most interesting for action RPG fans. Besides a factor of nostalgia for the series after an absence of over 10 years that certainly helped Dragon’s Dogma 2 achieve good success. Players’ hopes, of course, are that Capcom will not abandon the game but will actively work on fixing the game’s issues, mainly performance problems but also those related to an unfortunate implementation of microtransactions in a purely single-player experience.

Especially when, although nothing concrete yet, it is not unlikely that the game will receive a major expansion like the original received with Dark Arisen, which effectively replaced the original game with an improved version. For Capcom, the choice to sell an expansion DLC and perhaps a bundle, in Elden Ring style with Shadow of the Erdtree, is certainly not to be underestimated. We hope, therefore, that the milestone reached by Dragon’s Dogma 2 does not stop at thanks, but that there is a commitment to truly deliver the worthy sequel to Dragon’s Dogma that everyone expected at launch. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can definitely save more thanks to Allkeyshop, getting the game at a more convenient price of around 35€.


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