Best Games Releasing This Week: August 1 – August 7

1 August 2022 at 07:37 in Gaming News with no comments

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Major Game Releases of the Week


This week sees the full release of Recipe for Disaster, a fast-paced management sim where you can create recipes, design menus, and build your dream restaurant.

Also releasing this week is Adventures of Chris, a 90s-inspired platformer that follows a chubby kid’s hero journey as he battles villains, learns powerful spells and saves the world.


Monday, August 1


Retreat to Enen


Tuesday, August 2


The Mortuary Assistant




Wednesday, August 3


Earth’s Shadow


South of the Circle


Thursday, August 4


After Wave: Downfall


IKO 39


Turbo Golf Racing


Sword and Fairy: Together Forever


Camp Canyonwood




Hard West 2


Gale of Windoria


American Truck Simulator – Montana


Friday, August 5




Recipe for Disaster


Sunday, August 7


Adventures of Chris