Best Game Releases Today and This Week (8 August 2020)

8 August 2020 at 04:54 in Deals with no comments

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Today’s Release

Company of Crime

Release Date: 8 August 2020

Climb up the criminal underworld and build your very own criminal empire in 1960’s London.

Enjoy close-quarters melee combat in tactical turn-based battles. Use numbers to gain the upperhand and take advantage of attack bonuses by flanking and attacking from behind. If someone pulls a gun out, take cover quickly then try to get it from them.

You can also play as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad, working slowly to destroy the criminal underworld.


Coming Up!

Risk of Rain 2

Release Date: 11 August 2020


Dying Light Hellraid

Release Date: 13 August 2020

Kill It With Fire

Release Date: 14 August 2020