Best Game Releases Today and This Week (24 July 2020)

24 July 2020 at 09:01 in Deals with 1 comment

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New games for you to play! We have three of the best games that recently released and two of the best upcoming games! Check them out here!


Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break

Release Date: 21 July 2020

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is a tower defense game and an arcade game rolled into one. This competitive game lets you control a huge boulder as it crashes through bizarre buildings, while racing against other players.

The game requires you to build your defense and destroy your opponents’ as fast as you can. Choose from the games 20+ insane boulders to roll over everything on your path.

Make and Break will also bring you to its quirky world, complete with funny stories and guest appearances like Caesar.


1971 Project Helios

Release Date: 22 July 2020

Set in a frozen world, you join a temporary alliance with eight people, all with a common goal of searching for Dr. Margaret Blythe. On your mission, you get to know each person in the group more.

Offering tactical combat with three different factions; skill trees to unlock and upgrade new skills; resource management; and exploration.

With all the conflicts and hostilities happening around you, you also have to take into consideration the freezing cold that can kill you and your party as well as the enemies.



Release Date: 23 July 2020

A “reverse horror game” where you play as the evil monster. You are an amorphous red blob with multiple tentacles trying to escape a research facility.

You have the ability to change sizes. When you are smaller, you can easily fit through vents and is hard to detect. The bigger you are, the stronger you get. Shift from all sizes when needed.

Destroy the research facility and let the persons involved pay the price for capturing you.


Destroy All Humans

Release Date: 28 July 2020



Release Date: 28 July 2020