Best Game Releases Today and This Week (10 August 2020)

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Risk of Rain 2

Release Date: 11 August 2020

Risk of Rain is a classic multiplayer roguelike where you have to find a way to escape from a planet by fighting off hordes of monsters as well as unlocking new loot. Play alone or with up to four of your friends in the game’s co-op. Get to challenge friends in the Prismatic Trials and be the top in the global leaderboard. No two runs will be the same thanks to the randomized stages, enemies, and items. Get to find out more about the planet that you are trying to escape with the logs available.


Dying Light Hellraid

Release Date: 13 August 2020

Get a taste of Techland’s first-person fantasy slasher, Hellraid, as it invades the world of Dying Light. A mysterious arcade machine discovered from the basement of the Tower has the power to transport survivors to a fantasy realm filled with the hordes of hell. Take a break from surviving the streets of Harran and go on an all-out slashfest as you slay demons, skeletons and all sorts of hellish creatures using medieval melee weapons such as swords, axes and hammers. Take on the armies of hell alone or recruit up to 3 friends in online co-op.


Kill It With Fire

Release Date: 14 August 2020

Take on man’s oldest enemies — spiders — as a Kill It With Fire exterminator. Go all out with the most excessive weapons ever wielded against arachnids — from revolvers to dynamite charges. They might not be very effective, but they are extremely satisfying to use against the wretched crawlers. You don’t just get to kill spiders, you also get to learn a lot about them.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Release Date: 18 August 2020

Experience the most realistic flight simulator yet. From the highly detailed and accurate aircrafts, to the photorealistic skies and AI-powered terrain, it’s the closest a video game has ever come to simulating real-world piloting. Develop your skill with the new checklist system that can help you go from rookie to ace in no time.