Become a Pro Gamer: Where to start with esports coaching

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Have you ever been told you are an incredible gamer but unsure if you have what it takes to go professional level? There are tricks and strategies pro gamers and pro esports coaches are willing to share to make you an exceptional victor.

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Plain and simple, you want to get paid doing what you love. Who doesn’t?! Gone were the days when playing games were not seen as possible careers. And a high paying one for that matter. Now it’s common knowledge that professional esports have blown up so massively making its athletes as well paid as the pros from other major sports leagues. Imagine playing Dota 2 or League of Legends for countless hours and not having anyone in the family screaming from downstairs to get a stable career!

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We have seen the likes of Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang buy their own houses before they even reach 30. And before that, they had amazing gaming facilities or houses to live and train with their team. All of these did not happen overnight for our keyboard masters though. They did proper training, had good professional coaches, and really put in time to master their games.

Yes, they are at high-tier competitions with big prize pools but it does not mean you don’t get anything when playing for the countless low-tier or casual tournaments in your area, school, or online. You might also get lucky to score your own following, earn from streaming, and get signed by an existing esports team. Plus if you are still in school, there are few esports scholarships hanging around.




Before we get any further, let us discuss the elephant in the room. You can get better by hours of gaming, comparing different gameplays, and understanding strategies from different gamers on your own. That’s what everyone has been doing to improve. But like any other sports or activity, you will get to a point when you are stuck or left behind by your mates. At the end of the day, no great athlete got to where they are without the help of their coach. 

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Having a coach will give you feedback you might not see in your perspective. They will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and how else to improve your current game. A coach, whether for a team or just you, is like having a mom and dad in one that pushes you to get better at video games. Also, some coaches do not just help you improve your game strategy but also plan and teach you what meals and snacks to munch on for optimal gaming performance.




Gamer Sensei

There are numerous esports coaching classes and training available online and in schools. But since most of us are on lockdown, the online classes and guides are the most convenient. One of the popular ones is Gamer Sensei. Their coaches have gone through their rigorous five-step application process to guarantee the quality of their roaster. Harry “Darz” Darwin is one of their coaches who is also the head coach for Pro Team Enterprise Gaming and a Fortnite esports player. 

Considering his impressive CV, he sat at the website’s premium coaches. In this article at The Mancunion, you will have an idea of what his teaching style is and a general sense of what he wants you to learn. Unfortunately for non-english speaking Fortnite warriors, he only does english classes. But Gamer Sensei has a big lineup of coaches in different languages. The classes are available in 23 esports games including DOTA 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends.

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Skill Capped

Skill Capped is one of the most recognized esports coaching companies that offer courses. If you can learn a bunch and rank higher for free already on their YouTube channel, imagine what you can get for their subscription. The company has 55 coaches and almost 300 courses spread over 3 major esports games: League of Legends, Valorant, and World of Warcraft. You may check out some Skill Capped reviews on Reddit or on YouTube like this one.

  Skill Capped full refund guarantee

Williams Esports Academy

This esports coaching service is reserved for gamers who are eyeing a professional career in racing esports. Their coach line up is very impressive as it includes Moreno Sirica (iRacing Porsche Sprint Challenge race winner (Silverstone)) and Álvaro Carretón (Top 10 F1 Esports 2019) who are both top tier in their respective circuits. A lot of their coaches are bilingual so if you are not comfortable with english, there will be a coach for you in your mother tongue. Since W.E.A. offers one-on-one classes with highly regarded pros, it is a bit on the premium side. There is a coupon code entry though so if you’re lucky to be knowing one, then perfect!




There is a lot of traction for Gamerzclass in the esports coaching industry mainly because of the pro gamers they have as coaches. When you are a member and have special access to the best of the best of DOTA 2, FIFA, League of Legends, and CS:GO, it’s hard not to improve. One of the most notable masterclasses they have is from DOTA legend Johan “N0tail” Sundstein which some parts of the class is still free to watch here

Gamerzclass offers different coaching platforms depending on the game. It usually consists of masterclasses and live sessions. As of date of writing though, only with FIFA that one-on-one classes are available. 

  FIFA personal coaching rates

L2p League

Apart from their 4.9 rating on TrustPilot, they are also the only one on this list offering team coaching for League of Legends. This is perfect for a starting esports team who does not have much budget hiring a full time coach. On top of that, time zones and languages are not an issue because they have classes in every region of the world. The flexibility L2p Leagues is offering is definitely one to note.

  L2p League Team Coaching

Would you consider hiring an esports coach if you decide to go professional?

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