Battlefield 2042: Leviathan Rising Event Begins Now

12 April 2023 at 13:18 in Gaming News with no comments

EA has launched the Battlefield 2042 Leviathan Rising Event, which adds an all-new 8v8 close-quarters game mode to the FPS.

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Key Facts

  • The Battlefield 2042 Leviathan Rising Event brings a new limited-time game mode to DICE’s FPS.
  • The new game mode is Shutdown, an 8v8 objective-based mode that focuses on infantry on smaller maps.
  • You can earn exclusive rewards and purchase bundles from the in-game store during the Leviathan Rising Event.



The Leviathan Rising Event sees the Leviathan Division enter Battlefield 2042, which you can fight against for two weeks in a special game mode for exclusive rewards.

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Shutdown is a new 8v8 objective game mode in which two teams battle for victory across two rounds, scoring as many points as possible.

Shutdown is similar to other game modes like Bomb Defusal in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

One team must try and plant Lances and protect them from being defused by the enemy team, who are trying to kill Lance Carriers before it’s too late.

Shutdown focuses on infantry combat, and the matches occur across small areas of the Manifest, Stranded, and Flashpoint maps.


Battlefield 2042: Leviathan Rising Event Gameplay Rewards:


Week One:

  • 15 Ribbons: Epic “Contagion” Weapon Charm
  • 40 Ribbons: AK-24 Epic “Kilobyte” Weapon Skin
  • 75 Ribbons: Epic “Code Execution” Specialist Set for Paik

Week Two:

  • 15 Ribbons: Epic “Marked for Death” Weapon Charm
  • 40 Ribbons: AH-64GX Apache Warchief Rare “Domain Authority” Vehicle Skin
  • 75 Ribbons: Epic “Denial of Service” Specialist Set for Casper

Ribbons are earned by playing the Shutdown game mode, and the in-game store will feature free bundles and three new purchasable bundles during the event.

The Leviathan Rising Event begins on April 11 and ends on April 25.




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