Battlefield 1 Maps and Game Modes Coming at Launch Revealed by DICE

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Nine Battlefield 1 maps and six game modes can be expected once the game officially launches on October 21st. Four new maps have been recently added to the list, with one more to be released on December.

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Let’s take a look at each of the Battlefield 1 maps and game modes:

Battlefield 1 Maps

Ballroom Blitz – Set in a massive French chateau

Argonne Forest – Features skillfully placed defensive setups complete with a labyrinth of machine gun nests and bunkers.

Fao Fortress – Home to the Ottomans, the Fao Fortress lets you fight through marshlands, dunes, and coves.

Suez – This map lets you fight by the banks of the Suez canal. You can use the dunes to your advantage as you take on the Ottomans.

St. Quentin Scar – In this map, you’ll have to push through the fortified lines of St. Quentin Scar in order to assault the village of Travercy

Sinai Desert – This map is set in a scorching hot desert where you can engage in dogfights and infantry skirmishes.

Amiens – The city of Amiens in France is where the British and Germans clash in a fight for control of the city.

Monte Grappa – The Venetian Alps is your battleground in the Monte Grappa map. Take the fight up high the mountaintops and use the massive fort cannons to stop enemies that are scaling the mountainside.

Empire’s Edge – The shores along Empire’s Edge becomes your battlefield as you fight for land and life.

Giant’s Shadow – Coming free in December, Giant’s Shadow will bring the battle into the open country and away from the trenches.

Battlefield 1 Game Modes

Conquest – Up to 64 players fight it out for the control of key objectives. All the elements of the “signature Battlefield all-out war” can be seen here, from large armies on foot, to the huge armored train the Behemoth.

Domination – A smaller version of Conquest, Domination is a fast-paced infantry-based combat set in close quarter locations.

Operations –  This game mode is on a large scale where teamplay and frontline combat are its focus. Teams are divided into Attackers and Defenders.

Rush – In this game mode, Attackers and Defenders fight off each other by attacking telegraph posts in order to cripple communications, and also defending them by disarming explosives planted by the attackers.

War Pigeons – This game mode makes use of pigeons as bearer of messages. You’ll have to locate the pigeon in order to send out your message to call for artillery support.

Team Deathmatch – This timed game mode will require you to defeat as many enemies as you can while protecting yourself and your teammates at the same time. The team that killed the most once the timer stops is the winner.

We’re guessing more Battlefield 1 maps and game modes will be released after the game launches. We’re excited to see more content from this game!

Which of these maps and game modes are you excited about? Let us know in the comments!



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